Memorials and Flowers:

(Maximum cost per event is $75)

Station Reps

Station 1 - Dave DiIoia

Station 2 - Kevin Kiewatt

Station 3 - Marie Segar

Station 4 - Joe Werden

Station 5 - Rick McLay

Memorials or flowers can be ordered for mothers, fathers, mother-in-laws, father-in-laws, spouses, and children of active firefighters. Memorials and flowers can also be ordered for firefighters that have resigned or retired with at least 15 years of service and their spouses. Notify your station representative.

Information for station reps:

To have flowers ordered, contact Ashley at Fire Administration (651.675.5900). If Ashley cannot be reached, contact Relief trustee Tony Teichert Sta. (3) at

To have a monetary memorial sent, contact Relief treasurer Tony Teichert (Sta. 3) at

Questions about memorials and flowers go to the Relief at 651.675.5916 or

Updated Dec. 2014